Recent Projects

Gulp Remove HTML

Gulp remove html plugin

A plugin for gulp that removes HTML code when the files go into production.

The plugin can be found on NPM here.

The plugin can be found on Github here.



Organisr is a web application build using the MEAN stack. It's idea was to target Admins of Facebook Groups for Amature Sports Clubs. It allows users to login via Facebook using the Facebbok Graph API and let's them create a Training session, which is then posted to the Facebook group page.

The source code can be found here.



Zooop is a platform that let's food vendors to push real time advertisments from a web portal to an Android application. The idea behind it was to push suggestions to the Android users in chat message format in order to make it more interactive. It uses the MEAN stack for the server and web client.

I worked as part of a team 4 developers using the eXtreme programming methodology. It was a great experience working as part of a team and understanding and using new technologies like GCM.

The source code for the server can be found here.

And the source code for the Android app is here.

Ruby Peer-2-Peer Network

Ruby Peer-2-Peer

This is a highly distributed CLI version of twitter-like programme. It is implemented using the Pastry Network Protocol and built using Ruby.

Essentailly a node would join the network and be assigned a guid. Whenever a node sends a message with a hashtag(s) that tag would be hashed into a number and sent to the node with the numerically closest guid.

The source code and instructions can be found here.